Are You A Cock Ring Guy?

Here’s a Rundown of the Perks for Your Big Boy

Cock rings (also known as cock and balls toys) are the “humble” guy’s best friend: they can enhance size, shape, and performance of your big guy down there, and it’s been proven in customer reviews and testimonials that the benefits go beyond aesthetic. More powerful erections, controlled ejaculations, heightened penile sensitivity – who would have thought that your bad-boy accessory would bring just about these perks? Allow us to break it down for you, starting from the seemingly most minor cock-ring advantage…

Penis Bulge? Flaunt It If You’ve Got It

A penis bulge also goes by naughty names like “crotch bulge” or a “cock bulge.” As the term probably makes apparent, penis and balls protrusion is evident in a man’s clothing in this situation. A penis bulge can be exhibited through certain types of clothing, or with no effort at all, meaning only with a man’s natural giftedness in size. However, in most cases, a penis bulge can be achieved through the use of cock rings and other self-applied toys and tools for mechanical male enhancement.

It’s hot stuff to have a penis bulge in certain places and occasions, including on the beach during those days of surfing, sun worshipping, and swimming. Known “bulge-ilicious” attires are men’s swim wear or square-cut shorts, both of which are worn tightly to cover skin. In other places, however, a penis bulge can be considered downright inappropriate or a source of mild embarrassment, no matter how naturally endowed you might look while wearing those tight jeans and clothing.

Did you know that some men’s briefs and underwear today have also been improved and given a playful twist, to have a built-in O-ring made of fabric? A fabric O-ring also, though, has its limitations, like other padding effects or illusions in clothing. If this is the case, a cock ring can potentially give you a desirable penis bulge that screams confidence and would have to endure lustful stolen looks.

Let’s Get Down to Business with Topnotch Cock Ring Benefits

Many men today combine cock ring use with jelqing movements and a penis pump, and this suits them just fine. Others, on the other hand, are content with what their cock and ball toys are able to deliver. Lovemaking is intensified by this “toy”: bigger and more powerful erections, fuller control over your ejaculations, better sensitivity in your lust weapon, and miscellaneous benefits when it’s time for some live XXX action in bed.

Cock rings – especially a horse cock ring that agrees wonderfully with the male anatomy – can cause such bulge and sex power safely and rather effectively, as many testimonials show. A few guidelines include being fitted accordingly, since a cock ring restricts blood flow for an improved size and thickness. You should also follow directions carefully to ride your maximum (in size and performance) right from the get-go.